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Stag Party Ideas

Whether you are organising your own stag party, or your the best man looking for some advise, we have put together some hints and tips for making sure the up and coming stag party is one to remember.

Alan Kit

Perfect for a stag, dress him up as Alan with this great beard set

 The Wolfpack

Put the stags name on the T-Shirts and choose your favourite colours!

Great alternative to fancy dress at as little as £8.99 a t-shirt

Top Gun Themed T-Shirts

Personalise these t-shirts to include the stags name and location of the stag party

Top Gun Costume

Dress up the stag to stand out from the rest of the group

Mr T - We pitty the fool!

Great costume for an attention seeking stag

The A Team

At just £7.99 a T-Shirt you can ensure everyone on the stag do gets involved. Add you own line of text underneath.

Army T-Shirts

Whatever text you want in an army stencil font. Great for a stag in the forces

Wild Army Man

Make the Stag stand out from the crowd in this wild army man costume



Where are you planning on going? Who is planning on going? What is the age range? These are all factors to take into consideration.  Although the idea of going to a champagne party in Marbella is extrememly appealing, this may not suit the group, and most importantly, it might not suit the stag himself.  If you are organising the stag do then you need to put him at the forefront of anything you organise. It is after all, his last night of freedom and your time will come!

Price is also a massive factor when it comes to where to go and what activities to do. 

Hint: Get an idea of a total budget, and add £30 to the estimate.  You can't think of everything and it is hard work getting money to begin with.  You don't want to be doing a second round of money collecting.  Prices will always go up, and you will then have budget for things like T-Shirts, costumes, and cash for things which normally get forgotten like mini bus costs to and from places.

Making it a unique and memorable stag do is key.

Keeping Safe Abroad.  Last year on a stag do in Benidorm, certain members of the group were being targeted with small sticky labels on the back of their clothes. These were our friends with the kitty. We caught on straight away and become wary.  I later heard of someone who was mugged who found a sticky label on his shirt collar.  Especially when abroad, although looking into things like this is boring and may seam over cautious, but the last thing anyone wants is to end up in this situation.  Telling the members of the group about anything you may find on the internet is sure to ensure you getting the piss taken out of you, but as an alternative, putting in a small note in an envelope along with flight tickets wont harm anyone.  It's better to be safe then sorry!

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