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1 line of text £2.00 each tee.

Sometimes, if we feel that a few names would look better over 2 lines then we will do so, but this is up to our judgement and goodwill. If you have a few specific names you want over 2 lines please let us know in the note section of the order form.

2 lines of text for nicknames £3.50.

Select nickname and number and we will put all of the names you enter over 2 lines. If you only have 1 or 2 nicknames which need to be over 2 lines, then select "nickname". We dont mind just doing a few.

Name and location £3.50

Please select nickname and number and just enter the nickname you require in the box. At the end, just put in the notes about adding the location.

Name and number £3.50

When you enter the names, put the number next to the names. We will then print the name and number in a style represented in the picture above.


A bit more information

When we print text on the reverse, we stick to a size( ie 27cm width ), and regardless if the name is 5 or 15 letters they will be roughly the same size and the letters will scale appropriately.

The font we use for the back is generally the same as the one on the front, and the colour will be the same as the front. Where there is more then 1 colour involved on the front we can use either of the colours, so if you want the "nicknames" in a specific colour, please put this in the  notes box above.