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Design Your Own Grey T-Shirt

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Quick Overview

Design Your Own T-Shirt - If you're going on a stag do, holiday or event tour, you can change this t-shirts font and text to whatever you like. You can easily order multiple sizes, and nicknames on this page. Please see below for more information on sizing and ordering.

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Design Your Own Grey T-Shirt

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Below we have tried to cover most of the common questions and queries you guys have, so make sure you read through all the information below to make sure that you are ordering exactly what you want. It is important to remember that as your order is specific to you, we cannot change exchange or refund your order. Once you have placed your order your will receive an email  with your order details. If you notice any mistakes you've entered,

contact us immediately with any changes and amendments - the earlier you contact us the more likely we can change it.

Brand and fit

We mainly use Gildan to complete orders, however every so often we may need to use fruit of the loom. The video here demonstrates the soft cotton t-shirt by Gildan, but sometimes we use "heavy cotton" Gildan shirts. The sizeing is exactly the same, and we only do this if for some reason, the colour you've selected isn't available in the soft cotton at the time of ordering



Below is a size chart for our garments. We Generally find that the size to go for is the size you would purchase in the shops. We can get up to size XXXXXXXXXXL (yes!) so do contact us if you would like us to accomodate prior to ordering and we will be able to go through how to order these sizes as the above order form only goes up to XXL.

we cannot be held responsible if the sizing is incorrect, so we recommend that you check the size chart prior to ordering:

The measurements are accurate to +/- 2.5

Contact us for larger sizes.  We do offer a try before you buy service, you can order a blank top prior to ordering to see how the sizes measure up. Please click here to order a blank top.  

How big do you print the text?

The text is printed anything between 10cm and 28cm depending on the design and the print area. We always size the print it to how we think it looks best. Regardless of size, the text will be the same size print on all tops. 

Can i order one to see what it looks like first?

Yes of course! Although it would be best if you make us aware of this when purchasing. This is so we can save your text as a template. Each designer will interpret your tops differently so although the others may be the same on the order form, they make look slightly different.

Can you give me more info about the "nickname" on the back of the tops?

The price of £2.00 for the reverse print is generally for 1 line of text.

Sometimes, if we feel that a few names would look better over 2 lines then we will do so, but this is up to our judgement and goodwill. If you have a few specific names you want over 2 lines please let us know in the note section of the order form.

When we print text on the reverse, we stick to a size( ie 28cm width ), and regardless if the name is 5 or 15 letters they will be roughly the same size but the letters will scale appropriately (generally, 3/4 letter names are shorter than the longer names)

The font we use for the back is generally the same as the one on the front, and the colour will be the same as the front. Where there is more then 1 colour involved on the front we can use either of the colours, so if you want the "nicknames" in a specific colour, please put this in the  notes box above.

1 line of text £2.00 each tee.

Sometimes, if we feel that a few names would look better over 2 lines then we will do so, but this is up to our judgement and goodwill. If you have a few specific names you want over 2 lines please let us know in the note section of the order form.

2 lines of text for nicknames £3.50.

Select nickname and number and we will put all of the names you enter over 2 lines. If you only have 1 or 2 nicknames which need to be over 2 lines, then select "nickname". We dont mind just doing a few.

Name and location £3.50

Please select nickname and number and just enter the nickname you require in the box. At the end, just put in the notes about adding the location.

Name and number £3.50

When you enter the names, put the number next to the names. We will then print the name and number in a style represented in the picture above.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is £2.95 for standard delivery, or £7.95 for Express delivery.

When can I expect my parcel?

This is actually a hard question to answer. We don't know how many orders we will receive, and as we make everything by hand getting everything out within a specific timescale is a hard thing to do.  But we are pretty confident we get 90% of orders out our door within 5 working days. But we say to expect 10 working days to manage expectations. Standard delivery means your order can arrive up to 10 working days.

Express delivery: This will cover your guaranteed next day delivery costs if needed and to push your order to the front of the queue. We process orders in date order, but we ask if you need your order urgently, to make sure you put the delivery date down in the note section of the order form. If not. contact us directly via phone or email to ensure we pick this up with as much time as possible.

Making Payment


We use the paypal payment gateway - For those of you who have a paypal account set up it means it will be quick and easy for you to check out.

Dont worry if you dont have a paypal account, you can pay using your debit or credit card securely through their site. Once you have completed checkout, you will be redirected to paypal, There will be an option for those who have accounts to sign in, and directly underneath it will give you the option to make a payment as a paypal guest. Paypal is a trusted and secure service which is highly recommended and used worldwide. 


We can accept a cheque for the total, but be aware that we will only begin to make your T-shirts once it has cleared. Please complete all the details and click through to be re-directed to paypal. Although you wont be paying via paypal, this will send us all the details you have completed, and we will await a phone call or email from you saying that you will be paying this way. We will be able to forward you an invoice with a copy of all the order details on